You Can Get Valuable Service From Money Management Firms

While not everyone likes to admit it, businesses and corporations realistically exist for one reason and one reason only: to make a profit for the owners of the company or for the shareholders of the corporation. For many businesses of all sizes, making use of the services of money management firms can help to assure profitability and cash managerial procedures so that the business can continue to grow and flourish. On the flip-side of companies being in a growth mode is the situation where companies are not making cash. In that case, there’s really no viable reason for them to […]

Debt Management

Many individuals of varying economic and professional backgrounds have little or poor Debt Management skills and now find themselves trapped in a downward financial spiral – forced, mostly through corporate downsizing or unemployment, to live on credit by borrowing more and more money from their bank, by utilizing one or several credit cards up to their credit limit, or by using other refinancing alternatives such as consolidation loans, pay day loans, home equity loans or a home equity line of credit. Many of us have become slaves to our credit. We spend money, we use our credit cards and we […]

Basic Money Management for Forex Trading

There can be and are whole books written on the topic of  money   management , but I like to keep things simple so I will just give you a few simple rules that you can follow to implement successful  money   management  in your forex trading. Actually, to make it even simpler, I believe that  money   management  when it comes to the currency markets can really be summed up in a nice way with just one sentence: ……(wait for it)…… Make sure that you always trade the same number of lots on every trade that you make! Ok, that’s it, end of […]

Time Management Is An Essential Success Skill

Time has different values in different cultures. In some it flows quickly and in others slowly. It also has different values for different people. Some consider it to be money. But time is more valuable than money because it cannot be renewed. Some consider it to be a tyrant. They feel pressured by its passage. But time, like a river, is neutral. It flows where it will regardless of what people think about it. Some consider it to be a burden. They have too much of it. They spend their time trying to “kill time.” Then physicists and mystics even […]

Basic Management Skills – What Makes a Good Manager?

Basic  management   skills  are necessary to run a small business. Some business owners believe that leading vs managing is most important. In reality, you need to be able to both lead and manage. What makes a good manager? There are definite business  management  styles and  skills  to focus on; specifically for small business owners. If you’re the owner or manager of a small business, it’s important to understand what those basic  management   skills  are and to try to incorporate them into your own behaviors. Why? Because some skills are more successful than others and because some styles will engage your […]

Money Management – Martingale Type Strategies

Martingale type of strategies state that as the value of an account is decreasing, the size of the following trades increase. As the account suffers losses, the trading size increase in order to cover the losses. This type of money management strategy is practiced in gambling where the systems or the games are negative expectancy. No type of money management can change the odds of the game or change the expectancy of the system. A simple example is a coin flip. You can bet on heads or tails. If you win you win 1$ and if you lose, you lose […]

Grant Management Job Skills Save Money

Grant managing knowledge can save your agency money, protect it from having to pay back money, and improve your project design. This article will focus on These 3 reasons why post-award management experience is critical to grant writers; and 4 top job skills you need “after” you have received your grant funding. Post-award “grant management” is one of six primary skills you need to have if you want to be certified as a “grant professional”: grant seeking, project designing, writing, managing, ethics and professionalism, and relationship-building. 3 Reasons Why Management Experience Is Critical to Grant Writers Why is grant management […]

Helping Elders With Home Improvement Projects – Money, Skills, Decisions, and Teamwork

Extended family can be of great help when facing bigger situations. And rebuilding the Home Team is just an excellent way to start the New Year. You can be part of her extended Home Team, and other relatives may join in too. You can start by talking with your own partner and see what time and resources are available within your means. Then you can approach your Aunt’s own children to see how your offer might fit in with their help plans. Then you can take the resulting help package to your Aunt to see how she likes the picture. […]

The Top 5 Skills of Good Project Managers

I have worked with and managed project managers over many years. Based on my own observations of what I did or did not do well on my projects, and similar observations about other project managers on their projects, I offer my assessment of the top 5 skills of good project managers: 1. Attention to Achieving the Project Goals – In many types of projects, especially technology projects, it can be easy to get wrapped up in the details and the technology and lose sight of the business goals. The focus of the team and the project shifts to a technology […]

Soft, Real Soft – Managers Need a Full Skill Set, Not Just Hard Skills

“People don’t quit their companies, they quit their bosses.” How many times have you heard that phrase? It’s rare that a corporate entity of any size upsets an employee so much that they feel quitting is the only option. One bad manager, however, can empty out an entire department within weeks. It’s all too easy to imagine a scenario where a manager doesn’t have the skills to motivate his staff or help them feel engaged. In fact, we’ve heard of many situations where one manager brought employee morale down so low it essentially shut down the organization! Once employees start […]